Homeowner Drone Coverage

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as “drones”, are becoming increasingly popular with an estimated 1 million being sold in the United States over the holiday season alone. The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced a requirement that most drones be registered and numbered for identification.

ERIE Insurance has provided property and liability coverage to homeowners flying model airplanes through an exception to the aircraft definition in the homeowner’s insurance policy jacket. Since ERIE considers a drone to be a model airplane, a Customer operating a recreational drone is afforded protection.  Erie’s personal catastrophe liability (PCL) policy also extends excess liability protection for model airplanes (aka drones).

Please keep in mind that Bodily injury, property damage or personal injury arising out of business pursuits of anyone we protect is excluded by policy language; so commercial use of a drone (photography business, surveying, etc.) would not be covered under personal insurance.