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If you’re a small contractor business, we get it. You’ve spent hours talking to your agent, making phone calls, and surfing the web looking for policies you can actually afford to pay.  If they return your calls, you get varying responses that all add up to lots of money and most of it being asked for up front.  Insurance for contractors simply isn’t cheap- but it can be affordable if you take the right steps and connect with a company that actually wants your business. Our state specific quoting engines will give you multiple options instantly for General Liability AND/OR Workers Comp policies with no complicated forms to submit. You’ll see multiple rates with competitive down payment options whether your a sole proprietor ghost policy applicant- or a growing business with lots of subs and payroll.  We have rates for every situation and there are no minimums, maximums, or classes we can’t quote. Yes- roofers and paper General Contractors, that means you too.  If you see numbers you like, pick up the phone and give us a call, or go ahead and provide some additional detail to get your submission in the queue for binding asap.  Most policies can be bound within 24hrs using e-signatures and payments over the phone. Quotes are available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. More states coming soon…

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CONTRACTOR QUICK QUOTE for businesses with less than $5k payroll and less than $50k subs.


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