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There is a wide variety Recreational Vehicles and just as many options when it comes to insuring them. Some policies will allow for all or portions of the coverage to be added onto the auto insurance policy, but in some cases a policy specifically for your RV may provide some extra protections and even be a little cheaper than adding it to your auto policy. The coverage you need depends on the type of recreational vehicle you have and the rates will depend on factors like the value of the RV and the regularity with which it is used. Types of recreational vehicles include motor homes, fifth wheels, campers, and travel trailers.

One primary distinction is whether or not your vehicle will be licensed for road use and require the same coverage as a car. In North Carolina any vehicle driven on the road is required to be insured and that includes RVs. Camper trailers, Fifth wheels, etc may also be added to auto policies, but do not require liability coverage since the liability coverage extends from the vehicle they are attached to. Either way, you will certainly want to make sure that you have physical damage to cover your RV in case of a collision or other loss such as theft or vandalism.

Submit an RV quote request using our online quote form and we will shop all available options. Your RV insurance should really be viewed as part of your overall North Carolina personal insurance profile to make sure you are getting all available discounts, so don’t forget to request a Home and/or Auto quote request if we don’t already have you covered!

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