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As a business owner, you juggle a lot! Business insurance is a necessary expense, but it tends to fall down the list of priorities for growing companies who are justifiably focused on growth and income producing activities.  That’s why you need the right agency partner to take this important, but often tedious, task off your plate.

Business insurance needs are constantly evolving.  If you’re a traditional brick and mortar business, you are likely dealing with different ways to market, interact with your customers, and even your labor force. If you’re online or you’re a regional or national company, you have unique exposures to risks that didn’t even exist 10 or 15 years ago. As an agency who provides business insurance and consultation for companies of all sizes, we have the benefit of seeing the full scope and ramifications for each individual business and their insurance challenges.  The needs and budget for a single sole proprietor is very different from a company with hundreds of millions of revenue….and there is a huge spectrum in between.  Our agents will take the time to assess your needs and give you a business insurance package that does what you need it to do at a premium that makes sense for your company.

It’s true, you can go online and purchase some business insurance policies – and we also try to offer some quotes and instant information on our website for the simplest of solutions.  However, before you click ‘Bind’ or ‘Purchase,’ do you know what you’re buying?

Business Insurance is too important to you and your livelihood to roll the dice on what kind of service you’ll get when you need it.  You won’t need us for everything…but you will almost certainly need some guidance at some point- and when you do, we’ll be here to help.  Our office is located in Mooresville, NC but we have the ability to service customers with operations throughout the Southeastern US and beyond.  No matter what type of coverage you need or what type of business you’re in – if there is an insurance policy for it, we can advise you regarding the best available coverage- and help you get the lowest business insurance premium for the coverage you need.

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