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Piedmont Insurance Associates proudly represents Erie Insurance in Mooresville.  Yes, we are an independent agency and we represent numerous insurance companies.  However, our agents recommend Erie frequently- and with good reason.  One of the more obvious reasons is that they have consistently ranked among the highest in various customer service metrics over the years with J.D. Power.  But, to be honest- the biggest reason is that they are one of the companies that our agents trust the most.

Why do we recommend Erie Insurance so often?

  • In our experience, Erie Insurance is generally committed to doing the right thing for agents and customers.  No one is perfect and no company is perfect- but, in a relative comparison of insurance companies, Erie is near the top in this very important area.
  • Erie’s claims responses are typically timely and professional
  • The way Erie Insurance values property and losses at the time of a claim is generous by industry standards.  For example- they use retail blue book values for auto claims and do not deduct excessive depreciation amounts for prior damage.
  • Erie tends to have rates that are more stable than most other insurers. While they aren’t the lowest for every policy, they are almost always very competitive and they tend to fluctuate less over time.
  • Erie Insurance is willing to collaborate with us as agents to find solutions for you.  Simply put- when we advocate for you, they actually listen.  Your relationship with us matters to them- which is to your benefit.
  • Erie has multiple service channels.  Some companies have remote service staff- and some companies use local agents.  Erie does both.  You can call us during business hours, use our website, or call Erie directly after hours or use their website for billing, claims, and service.
  • Call for a quote or follow one of the links to see rates instantly on your device. You can also submit your information electronically and receive quotes via email.  Let us show you all of the options, so you can decide which option is right for you!

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