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Many people don’t realize we can consolidate their Life Insurance coverage so everything is in one place.  Not only it is more convenient, there are companies who actually give discounts on your Auto and/or Home Policies for having Life Insurance coverage in force.  When it comes to financial products and Life Insurance issues, here is our philosophy:

 – It’s your money.  You should determine your level of risk and priorities
 – We will provide low hassle, no pressure Life Insurance quotes with practical advice on straight forward issues
 – We will refer you to licensed CFP and securities experts who we know and trust for retirement and financial planning when your needs are outside of our level of knowledge
 – We present options based on your best interest and financial stability, not commission percentages

Generally speaking, there are two types of Life Insurance – and then a bunch of variations and combinations. 
Term Insurance provides coverage for a predetermined period of time and Permanent Life Insurance does not end (as long as premiums are paid).  Permanent Life premiums are higher than those of Term Insurance, but these products also accumulate a cash value the policyholder can borrow against or receive upon surrendering the policy.  If you are a disciplined saver/investor, it’s very possible a financial planner will tell you the money will perform better as a stand alone investment rather than in a Life Insurance Policy.  Statistically speaking, it’s almost certainly true in most cases.  However, some people still like the safety and security of guaranteed returns regardless of what the theoretical math is, and again, we think you should do what makes you feel most comfortable with your money.

Life Insurance Policies are priced based on the death benefit, length of the term, and the health/age of the applicant.  If you are unsure of the amount you need or which type of policy is best for you, we can help you determine that based on a few simple questions.  Once you settle on a figure, we can quote Term and Permanent Life Policies to help you determine what fits your budget.  We can give some insight on which companies are most likely to approve the best premiums if you’re health is less than perfect.  You don’t need a call center in California or anywhere to get easy, competitive pricing and personalized assistance with your Life Insurance quotes in NC. 

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Life Insurance Calculator

  • Funeral, burial, headstone, monument, etc
  • Total for all survivors
  • Include net value of items that could/would be sold in the event of your death.
  • **Having less than your indicated need is better than having nothing. Your agent can help you find the best mix of coverage and affordability as well as convertible or guaranteed insurability options that may let you add more coverage at a later date without new underwriting**