Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance isn't only a good idea, it's actually required in most states to operate your bike on the road. Get a free quote today!

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. From crotch-rockets and cruisers to choppers and scooters, maintaining quality motorcycle insurance coverage for your Harley (aka, hog) is not only a good idea, most states require it. 

Motorcycle Insurance options are similar to those for Auto Insurance in North Carolina.

Most companies who offer this type of insurance cover a wide variety of vehicles, such as the Three-Wheel, Can-Am Spyder, vintage bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, golf carts, snowmobiles, and custom bikes. In most cases, Motorcycles can be added to your Personal Auto Insurance, but sometimes a specialty carrier might have a more competitive rate or be a better fit.

As a benefit to you, quoting the Motorcycle Insurance on a traditional Auto Policy can also help you take advantage of a multi-policy discount. 

Like a car, truck or van, to operate your bike on the road legally, most states require at least liability insurance coverage. Liability coverage is what pays to repair or replace property you accidently damage while operating your motorcycle.

Liability only coverage on a motorcycle insurance policy is typically pretty inexpensive in NC. Once you add coverage for the bike itself, it starts to go up based on a number of factors. These often include not only the value of the motorcycle, but also its power to weight ratio and/or number of CC’s. CC’s stands for “Cubic Centimeters” and would be akin to Liters on a truck. For example, a 5.7 Liter V8 is a bigger and more powerful engine compared to a 4.6 Liter engine. The higher the CC’s, the larger and more powerful the engine.   

If you want coverage for your bike as well, you’ll need Physical Damage coverage. Physical damage coverage includes Collision and Comprehensive (aka Other than Collision) coverages. Combined, these coverages would repair the damage to your bike if you’re involved in an accident or even if a tree were to fall on it. 

Motorcycle Insurance

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