Medicare Supplement

Piedmont Insurance is now offering Medicare Supplement policies to assist Medicare recipients with their out of pocket costs. These plans are also called Medigap plans since they address gaps in Medicare coverage.  Like traditional health insurance, Medicare coverage has deductibles and coinsurance limits that can result in significant out of pocket costs for recipients.  A Medicare Supplement helps to limit or completely reduce your out of pocket cost for medical treatment.  While there are also Medicare Advantage Plans that can be cost efficient- they are based on HMO/PPO networks and can greatly reduce or even eliminate coverage for treatment out of network.  Medicare Supplement policies can be used for ANY provider that accepts Medicare- which is currently 93%+ of medical providers in the U.S.  There is simply no single health network that provides as much access to care with the maximum available coverage.

Your Piedmont agent can provide Medicare Advantage options as well, but we believe Medigap options provide the best possible coverage when combined with “Original” Medicare and Part D.  Get your quote today using our Medigap QuickQuote or call us to see if you qualify for additional discounts!

Plan G is probably the most popular plan and balances cost effectiveness with excellent benefits.  The only deductible is Part B (hospitalization) for $185.  All other medically necessary costs are covered with no copay- including excess charges. For those wanting to get rid of all deductibles and copayments- Plan F is your best option.  Both F & G also include Foreign Travel coverage for $50,000.

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