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Voted Best Insurance Agency In Iredell County


To our Amazing Customers,

Thank You! You are the Best Insurance Agency Customers on the Planet!

We were recently voted the Best Insurance Agency in Iredell County, and not just by a little bit. In fact, The Mooresville Tribune tells us we were the 3rd highest total vote getter in the county in any category! We are so grateful because we know exactly what that means. It means we have the best customers!

Some people thought technology would be the end of local insurance agents, and it’s true that we all want things to be more convenient. In fact, we work hand in hand with insurance companies on a regular basis to let them know what improvements need to be made so that we can get you quotes, coverage, and claims information when you want it and in the way you want it- whether that’s on the phone, via email, in an app, online, or…yes…even in person.

Technology isn’t unique to online only companies. Many other companies have similar functionality coming down the pike. However, a gecko lizard will never compete with us. Support Center Agent #16453 doesn’t have kids that go to school with your kids. If something goes wrong, they can duck your call or escalate you to a supervisor who is better trained at giving you bad news. We are right here. You can come see us. We can talk it out- and many times, we can do something about it. We aren’t lawyers and we don’t write the policy language or set the rates, but we do go to bat for you everyday…and our batting average is pretty good.

Two years after a pandemic the world seems to have gotten even crazier in some ways. Geopolitical conflict, soaring prices, product shortages, insane real estate markets. There is a lot to think about. One thing we hope our customers don’t have to worry about is being unprotected.

Now, to clarify- our agents are not instructed to sell you five new coverages before you get off of every call. We are a resource for you and we rely on you to invite us into the conversation. If you’ve had kids or you’re retiring or you’re taking a new job without benefits… we are here to give you honest and objective guidance about changes in risk for your personal, business, and life insurance policies. It all starts with relationships, and we are so thankful for our relationship with you.

To everyone who voted and to everyone who we have the privilege of assisting, we appreciate you and we are committed to living up to the title you gave us. Thank You!!

Shane & Jennifer Page

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