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What is the Medical Payments Coverage on an Auto Insurance Policy?


When shopping for auto insurance, you’ll come across medical payments coverage. Some states require it, but it’s optional in NC. It isn’t the major liability coverage for people that you injure, but it can help with smaller medical bills that were incurred as a result of an auto accident no matter who caused the crash. It also applies to injuries sustained by the you as the result of any car accident- whether it’s your car or not.

Should I Add Medical Payments Coverage to My Auto Insurance Policy?

Whether you should add medical payments coverage to your car insurance depends on your current health insurance coverage and financial situation. If you’re like most Americans, you need the coverage, especially if you don’t have any health insurance at all. If you cause the accident- your liability limits will not apply to your own medical bills. If you do have health insurance, how much is your deductible? You might want to use your medical payments coverage toward paying that deductible. You might also want to use it for co-payments. Adding Medical Payments to your car insurance policy is relatively inexpensive.

How Much Medical Payments Coverage Should I Purchase?

Typically, we see most customers request about $2k for Medical Payments, although some request higher limits.  Remember that it isn’t intended to be major medical coverage- but a supplemental benefit to absorb your out of pocket cost, even if you have health insurance. Speak with an auto insurance agent here at Piedmont Insurance to find out how much medical payments coverage you need.

Who Would Be Insured With Medical Payments Coverage?

The general rule is that you and anybody in your car are covered individually up to the amount of your medical payments coverage in the event of injuries suffered in an accident regardless of fault. For example, if you’re carrying $5,000 of medical payments coverage on your auto insurance policy and a drunk driver runs a red light and broadsides your car and injures everybody in it, you’re each covered for $5,000 of medical bills. Given the high costs of hospital and related medical services, an emergency room visit alone can easily approach $5,000 out of pocket depending on your deductible. Medical payments coverage might even cover you if you’re hit by a car as a pedestrian or when riding a bicycle.

If you have questions about Medical Payments, our agents are happy to provide an auto quote and give you all of the options!








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