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Professional Liability is very different from general liability.  In fact, general liability actually excludes professional liability, which is why it is either an endorsement or a totally separate policy.  Errors & Omissions is another name for what is essentially the same coverage afforded to various professions. Professional Liability, or E&O, covers financial losses that arise from the rendering of professional services- such as advice, designs, specifications, etc. It is different from general liability because it doesn’t require damage to physical property or bodily injury, and it applies more broadly to the direct cost of services performed by you, whereas general liability only covers consequential losses.

If you think your business might need E&O, talk to one of our agents about your options.  For some professions, it can be added to your General Liability package for very little cost.  For other occupations, it can be significantly more expensive than General Liability. We love technology and making it easy to get quotes and policies online, but frankly – Professional Liability is not the type of coverage you want to purchase without input from a licensed agent.  We’re here to help.

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