Workers Compensation Insurance

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All individuals, corporations, and LLC contractors with less than $5k payroll and less than $50k of subcontractor cost can see what the minimum premiums are for your business. It includes options for Ghost Policies.

*Owner excluded from workers comp and $0 employee payroll* 

In most states, Workers Compensation is required by law. Every state has a different threshold for when coverage is required, but generally speaking, if you are doing business, you SHOULD have Workers Comp even if the law doesn’t require it. You can visit the appropriate state department websites for up to date legal requirements (Labor Department, Commerce Department, etc.).  We understand the unique Workers Compensation Insurance needs of both small businesses and large companies seeking to maximize the efficiency of their loss control and risk management options.  At Piedmont Insurance, we can provide you with a range of valuable services and premium/payment options from some of the best insurers in the country. 

Small Business – Up to $5M Revenue
Many small businesses opt to use subcontractors rather than employees.  When navigating these complex issues, you need to be informed of all the available options to you so you don’t get caught off guard.  These are legitimate tax and legal implications to consider.

Medium & Large Corporations
For more established companies with a large number of employees, we have the knowledge to help you control your cost by keeping your experience modification factor low and offering value added services such as “early return to work” programs and comprehensive risk management services.